May 20, 2018

Scarcity of Thinking



See … THINK … visualize … plan … compose … capture. This is how I go about capturing most of my photos. Sometimes more successful than others. But I continue to practice deliberately.

In his essay “Essay on the Principle of Population” in 1798, the English pastor and economist, Thomas Malthus discusses his principles of scarcity thinking. This made me think of the “Scarcity of Thinking”. Scarcity of thinking can be just as dangerous, maybe more dangerous, as it can apply to our present state of mind. It is a current threat. Scarcity thinking only applies to a possible future threat.

When it comes to scarcity of thinking, we must be careful, as this can limit our ability to think creatively to the extreme, or out of the box.

Scarcity of thinking is ever so often demonstrated by the masses, getting emotionally whipped without them understanding why they are demonstrating. The same applies to social media. If you look at some of the comments, you realize that the author of the comment did not rise to the level of the original discussion. They could not grasp it, or understand it. They just responded emotionally without thinking about their comments, or the subject under discussion.

Or the photographer just put the camera to the eye … and snap! Not seeing, not THINKING, not visualizing, not planning, or not composing.

And that is Scarcity of Thinking. And that is what we must be wary of!

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