April 24, 2018

The Recommended Color Space for Online Posting

The Recommended Color Space for Online Posting:

I saw a post in the Lightroom Help Group on Facebook where a person mentioned that there is a color differentiation from the photo on his computer to the photo he posts in Facebook.

This is normally the issue when you edit your photos in a different color space than Adobe sRGB, which is the recommended color space for posting your photos online. I must stress, don’t edit in sRGB, just post in sRGB. The color gamut in sRGB is much smaller as i.e. Adobe RGB, but sRGB is the only color space that can be handled by the Internet. Colors out of the sRGB gamut will just be lost.

I spent some time to find the best possible way to do the conversion from Adobe RGB to Adobe sRGB with the least amount of color change.


Top Image: sRGB conversion using Photoshop. Bottom Image: sRGB conversion using Lightroom.

I found the biggest color change happened when I converted directly from Lightroom.

The bottom section of the photo was done with the Lightroom conversion.

The least amount of color change takes place when I do the conversion via Photoshop using the following workflow:

When you open Photoshop (without opening any photos, change the color space to sRGB. This is done on the Mac by using the following shortcut keys: Shift+Command+K.

When the Color Settings open up, click on the RGB dropdown menu and select sRGB.

I also select the “Ask When Opening” options under “Profile Mismatches”, and “Missing Profiles”. This reminds me afterwards to change my color space back to Adobe RGB.

Open the photo(s) you want to convert.

Resize your photos. If you are interested, I can send you my Photoshop Resize Actions for a 1024 x 768 pixel, 72 p.p.i. (Landscape), and  768 pixel width portrait photo. These sizes are ideal for online posting.