June 23, 2018

Mist, Skyline and a Sailboat …

The preparations for capturing this scene started early morning with a pancake breakfast at Point Loma Café  (the psychological preparation).

From there I had to take the ferry from the San Diego Harbour to Coronado Island.  The trip on the ferry was a cheerful experience.  With the passengers, accompanied by their bicycles, we arrived at Coronado Island.

What impressed me was the ability of the famous San Diego “June Gloom” to be able to interpret the calendar.  This was basically the end of June (3rd July) and the fog was draped densely across the city skyline.

While walking on the shoreline, along came this sailboat, composing itself right in front of my camera lens begging to be included in my photo.  I willingly abided, because the buildings in the background was so elegantly covered by the mist and the sailboat was the ideal focus point to round it off.

I hope to be able to share many more of my precious San Diego moments in this blog!


  1. Trippie Visser says:

    Only a good photographer can capture a special photo like this one!
    You were lucky to have the fog in the background and the beautiful big sailboat in the front – an ideal focus point.
    Well captured, Rene!

    • Thanks for the compliment Trippie. Yes, I was fortunate to be able to capture this picture. I think the second boat brought balance to the entire composition.

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