April 24, 2018

Oceanside Night Photography

These two photos I dedicate to my dear friends, Thomas and Jessica Giesel, who introduced me to the photographic opportunities in Oceanside, San Diego. Thanks, I appreciate your effort.

Looking at these two photos, you will realize why I appreciate it so much. I will definitely return and return and return to the Oceanside coastal line. This top photo was taken from the pier at sunset. This is a stack of 7 images to create the smooth and creamy look of the water. You can, of course, use a slow shutter speed as well.

The little beach houses in the image below can be seen on the top photo just to the right of the middle. Amazing what you can do with a zoom lense. It was taken from exactly the same spot, just zoomed in.

A Landscape in the City

While driving in a neighborhood in San Diego I saw this magnificent view from the city. I wonder where else in the world will you find such a beautiful scenery in the heart of a city?

Towards the upper left of the photo you can see a bridge which is part of the I15, one of the busiest highways in the USA. The average daily traffic on the I-15 ranges from 170,000 to 295,000 vehicles (http://fastrak.511sd.com/GettingStarted.aspx). So busy and yet so tranquil.

This scene just reminded me that I must ALWAYS try to take my camera with me. No matter where I go. If this wasn't the case, I would have missed this lovely landscape photo.