May 20, 2018

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Spreckels Organ on the Pavilion, Balboa Park








What an awesome experience we had in attending a concert on the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ at Balboa Park.

Furthermore, we were entertained by the highly qualified British born, dr. Carol Williams -America’s first woman Civic Organist.

We listened in awe to the incredible music flowing out of this instrument.  Just to be there and to experience a master playing the organ was so amazing. To us, this was really a “wow” moment.  We sat there with complete surrender and wished that it would never end.

What a privilege!!!

The organ weighs nearly 100,000 pounds and is protected by a 20,000 pound roll down steel door which seals the instrument from the outside elements when not in use. Wind power for its 4,518 pipes, comprising 73 ranks, is provided by a 20 HP blower located in the basement.

This organ was presented to the people of San Diego by John D. Spreckels with the intention to uplift, enrich and inspire the human spirit through the performance of great music.  In those days the instrument's powerful voices could be heard from a distance of 3 miles!

More photos can be viewed at Then just click on ‘Spreckels Pavilion.'